China’s Future Road to Afghanistan

The lightning speed with which the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, has enthralled the experts around the globe.1 There are lot of speculations that are taking place, on what went wrong and how even after twenty years of rigorous mil

The Endgame: Captain America Versus Band of Bad Boys

In the last sequel of the Marvel series movie, “The Endgame”, Avengers including the idol leader Captain America- the symbol of freedom, justice and the “American Way”- fights the evils of the universe like Thanos, who plans to destroy the ea

Annual Review of Islamic State and Al Qaeda: What is on the Horizon in 2021?

Background The past year began with a pathological threat for the world which was detrimental not only for public health, politics, and economics but also for global security. The keywords for the year 2020 were COVID-19, geopolitical realignment,

Ramzan Amidst Battle Against Coronavirus

Introduction One of the most potent weapons against combatting Covid-19 pandemic is the norm of social distancing. Social congregation is an anathema to the norm of social distancing. Therefore, during the time when Covid-19 has spread its tentacl

Post Tablighi Jamaat Fiasco - The Way Forward

Last one week has seen an exponential rise in N-COVID-19 cases, with the religious congregation of Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) followers at the Markaz in Delhi, acting as a significant trigger. It is appalling that despite so many advisories from the state

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