Budget 2019: Indian diplomacy needed a shot in the arm but budget flatters to deceive

Union Budget 2019 India: Analysis reveals some notable facts: the MEA budget, from being close to 0.1% of India’s GDP in 2012-13, declined to 0.08% in 2018-19. Union Budget 2019 India: As the stature of India rises internationally, its diplomac

Geo-strategic Outlook for the Indo-Pacific in 2019

The primary geopolitical challenges in 2019 in the Indo-Pacific will arise due to the changing relations between the USA and China. India, Japan, Australia, Islamic republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation will all contribute their b

The Trump-Kim Summit: A Mixed Bag

The fact that the much talked about Summit meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim happened on June 12 in Singapore is an achievement by itself. The world would have been on edge without it. The short document signed, even though shorn of c

India and North Korea: Future Directions

India has always maintained a good working relationship with North Korea. Our bilateral trade, in recent years at best has been in the range of US$ 200-250 million but North Korea has always valued Indian food aid which was made available at regular

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