Understanding India's Genome Project

If things proceed as planned, an ambitious project to understand India’s enormous genetic diversity will be launched later this year. This will arguably be the first of its kind to be initiated in the country under the aegis of the government of In

पूर्वोत्तर में तस्वीर बदलने वाले समझौते

पिछले दिनों दो अहम समझौते किए गए और उनसे पूर्वोत्तर में स्थायी शांति और समृद्धि आने की उम्मीद ह

Addressing the Slugfest over Government Statistics

The arena of government statistical data is an unlikely subject for a political slugfest, given that there is a plethora of issues that can and do engage those who are suitably inclined. Besides, it is too ‘dull’ a matter to catch the attention o

Game Changing Pacts for the North East

Two important agreements were inked in recent days, and they are expected to usher in lasting peace and prosperity in the North-East. Not surprisingly, the electronic media by and large, obsessed with the ongoing furore over the Citizenship (Amendmen

Sabrimala Issue and the Law

All eyes are on the pronouncement of the nine-judge Bench of the Supreme Court on the Sabarimala issue. The matter is to be heard soon and it is likely that the court will engage itself with the case in a manner that the dispute ends at the earliest.

Right to Information Act: Its use and misuse

Chief Justice of India SA Bobde cautioned last month against the abuse of the Right to Information Act, setting off a chain of indignant reactions from a variety of activists. “There is paralysis and fear about this Act”, he stated, adding that

वर्तमान संदर्भ में नागरिकता संबंधी संवैधानिक प्रावधान

नागरिकता (संशोधन) अधिनियम, 2019 पर देश में तीखी बहस चल रही है। देश के कई हिस्सों में विरोध शुरू हो गए

Understanding the Constitutional Provisions on Citizenship in the Current Context

A furious debate is on in the country over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019. Protests erupted in parts of the country and, unfortunately, some of them turned violent. Lives were lost and public and private property damaged. But there have also b

Renewable Energy is the Way Forward

In a span of just seven days recently, two varying bits of information emerged on the climate change front for India. The first is that India lost 2,018 lives in 2018 due to the fallout of this crisis. And the second is that the country entered the l

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