इस्लामी कट्टरपंथः जाकिर नाइकके रास्ते

पीस टीवी प्रसारण पर शिकंजा जाकिर नाईक, मुंबई आधारित एक टेलीविजन उद्घोषक है। जाकिर नाइक का नाम

Islamic Radicalisation: The Zakir Naik Way

Zakir Naik, a Mumbai based televangelist has been in news recently after one of the Bangladeshi youth involved in July 2, 2016 terrorist attack at the Dhaka Holey Artisan Bakery, admitted to having been influenced by the radical speeches and lectures

Bangladesh - Politics of Confrontation: Political Deadlock

Bangladesh’s tryst with democracy began a new chapter in the nation’s history when the newly independent nation adopted its first Constitution in 1972 with the tenets of nationalism, democracy, socialism and secularism. The then political environ

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Upcoming Visit to Bangladesh

Prime Minister Modi, as part of his continuing neighbourhood outreach agenda that began with his visit to Bhutan followed by visits to Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Seychelles, will be paying a two-day visit to Bangladesh from June 6 to 7, 2015. Unl

Sri Lankan President’s Visit: A New Chapter in Bilateral Relations

Newly elected President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena’s visit to India from Feb 15-18 had justifiably raised hopes and expectations, both in Colombo and in New Delhi, of a major‘course correction’ that could mark the onset of a new, vigorou

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