Neighborhood News Digest – 08 September 2023


ACCI Expresses Concern About Closing of Torkham Crossing – Tolo News
Following the clashes between Islamic Emirate forces and Pakistani border guards at the Torkham crossing, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce a....

S Gurumurthy Enlightens About Bharat's Significance And India's History

Sources revealed that the Centre might introduce a bill in the special parliamentary session from September 18-22 seeking to amend Article 1. Reports on the potential renaming of India's official name as Bharat has sparked a massive controversy be....

Role of Defence Diplomacy in Shaping Favourable Strategic Neighbourhood

(The following is a summary of the talk given by the Director VIF at National Defence College, New Delhi on 04 Sep 2023)

Neighborhood News Digest – 06 September 2023

Ministry: Afghan Exports to Pakistan Have Decreased – Tolo News
Officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that exports to Pakistan have decreased by $66 million compared to last year. They added that ....

Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (21-27 Aug)


U.S. commerce secretary rejects Chinese appeal to ease export controls
U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said she rebuffed an appeal Aug 29 by Chinese leaders to reduce U.S. export controls on technology with poss....

Myanmar Round Up - August 2023

During the month, continued attacks from the military and opposition forces have pushed around 18 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and two million displaced. Various reports were released in the month highlighting the humanitarian cr....

Indian Epics Potential Bridge: India and Indonesia

This article examines the often overlooked yet profound connection between India and Indonesia, grounded in the shared heritage of Indian epics. The article explores how the resonance of Indian epics serves as a potent bridge,....

Neighborhood News Digest – 05 September 2023

Afghan woman leads hunger strike for women’s rights amid global neglect – The Khaama Press
Tamana Zaryab Paryani, an activist for women’s rights, along with several other women, has initiated a hunger strike....

Analysing China - Russia Naval Exercises

China has the fastest growing navy amongst the major powers of the world with a current strength of about 340 ships including 125 major combatants and submarines[1]. This growth ....

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