Neighbourhood News digest - 4 May 2023

Taliban interfering with NGO work in Afghanistan: Report – Tribune
A Taliban fighter recently fired his rifle into the air at a food distribution event in Afghanistan, an example of their harassment of nongovern....

Virtual Book Discussion on "Bengal and its Partition: An Untold Story" authored by Amb Bhaswati Mukherjee

On August 25, a Book Discussion on Ambassador Bhaswati Mukherjee’s book "Bengal and its Partition: An untold Story" was organised by the Vivekanand International Foundation. The discussion was chaired by Dr. Arvind Gupta, Director. Author Am....

“The Hindus: An Alternative History” by Wendy Doniger: A Twisted Tale

Writing this review, makes me feel how David might have felt facing Goliath. How can one, a layman, have the gumption to take on a world renowned scholar, an accepted expert of her field? But then, perhaps like David, I know I am right, so here goe....

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