Latin America
Presidential elections in Brazil: Is Pink Tide Engulfing Latin America Again?

Last Sunday, the much- awaited results of the presidential election in Brazil were announced. As expected, the two- time president from 2002 to 2010- Luis Inacio Lula da Silva- defeated his arch rival and the incumbent Jair Bolsonaro in the run off a....

Innovative Strategies for Arresting Environmental Degradation while Addressing Debt Problems of the States

At the COP-26 summit in Glasgow, Prime Minister Modi had committed India to some bold environmental targets, to achieve which the Centre must work with the State where the economic activities take place that also take their to....

COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, May 27, 2020

China Rules Out Animal Market and Lab as Coronavirus Origin
Chinese scientists in recent days said they had ruled out both a laboratory and an animal market in the city of Wuhan as possible origins of the coronavirus ....

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