APEC More of a Talking Shop than a Meaningful Regional Forum

The summit of the 21 members Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC hosted and chaired by Malaysia this year on 20 November was held in the virtual mode because of the coronavirus pandemic. In response to the growing interdependence of Asia-Pacifi....

Will RCEP Miss India?

Vietnam has taken over from Thailand as the Chair of ASEAN in 2020. Its theme at its opening summit in June is ‘Cohesive and Responsive ASEAN’1. Thailand is the country coordinator for India and will be followed by Singapore from 2021 ....

COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, May 4, 2020

Emerging market currencies mark biggest falls in 5 years
The MSCI Emerging Market Currency Index, which tracks overall movements of emerging market currencies, dropped 6% in the January-March period this year; the ste....

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