Shashank Sharma is a Senior Fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), New Delhi. He has held various afloat, training and staff appointments in the Indian Navy. He holds a Masters in Nautical Science from Cochin University of Science and Technology and Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies from the Madras University. He is an alumnus of Defence Services and Staff College. His research focus is the role of maritime-military domain in furthering regional security and India’s National Interests in the Indian Ocean and the Asia-Pacific region.

VIF Papers 
U.S. Department of Defence Annual Report of 2020 on China’s Military Power: Implications for India’s Maritime Security The US Department of Defence (DoD) Annual Report of 2020 on China Military Power released in September 2020 brings out China’s meteoric military progress in recent years. The report states that China is already ahead of the United States in certain...

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