Amb Kanwal Sibal

In Moscow close to the Bolshoi,
I was approached by Hou Noh Lai,
I sensed it was his clear intent
To share with me a document
That from China he’d filtered out,
Which he stated was all about
Xi Jinping’s plans of brinksmanship
To further tighten his strong grip
On each lever of power in
China, in his standard ‘win-win”.

I quizzed him if paper he had
Was authentic, to not look bad
If I transmitted saying it
Was true in every single bit.

He told me it was Hu Nu Wen
Who locked up in his prison den
Felt it was time for world to know
How Xi Jinping’s lengthy shadow
Was darkening his country’s fate.
That ‘twas already getting late
And that’s the reason Hou Noh Lai
Had to contact me on the sly.

Hu Nu Wen was one of “Who’s Hu”
As scientist, whom Chinese well knew,
As dissenter he fell from grace
As Xi Jinping could not lose face.
He ended up in Xi-nkiang
Where In the hands of Hi Hu Hang,
Whose Vocation in his Centre
Was to make sure as you enter
“Cut and dried” re-education
Geared you for organ donation.
With torture excruXi-ating
In local version of Xi-ng Xi-ng

As vengeance against the Xi-stem,
Hu Nu Wen’s daughter passed this gem
Of document to Hou Noh Lai
For me in Moscow to come by.

Her go-between was No Nu Lai.
I still needed to satisfy
Why I’d been chosen to receive
This paper that could well deceive,
Planted by Won Ton Lai and those
Who would misleadingly disclose
The machinations of CPC
To give world leadership to Xi.

To not Chew On Lai I made sure
I was from Won Nu Lai secure.
So I perused the document
And found convincing its content.
It was an enterprise profound,
In ambition meant to dumbfound:

They will rename the CPC
Appropriately as Xi-Pi-Xi,
And after an intensive search
New faith matching the Christian Church
Will be Cathay ConfuXian
Having on Chinese full lien.
So as to prevent any Xi-sm
Make all see light through single prism.

With on top men of conviction
With a global jurisdiction.
It’ll function as the Holy Xi
And Xi-x holy Xi-rines will then be
Home to Xi-vlings for worship by
The Party faithfuls, low or high,
They will all XiXiyas be called
Once everything is well installed
In what will be Xi-ri Batican,
According to the secret plan.

Existing Confucian Institutes
Will henceforth have as substitutes
ConfuXian missions with what’s key-
Diplomatic immunity.

A team of advisers will be
Selected from Xi’s family.
Peng Liyuan will counsel with songs
Accompanied by loud Chinese gongs,
While Xi Zhingxun and Ke Lingling
Will high-pitched choral voices bring,
Xi Mingze’s lungs, those of Qi Xin
Will add to adulatory din.

With petrodollars losing steam,
And COVID crisis it did seem
Plans to force US on its knees
By Putin-g dollar under squeeze
To break its long hegemony,
China will issue new money,
A special currency Xi-lling
Gold-based, with bust of Xi Jinping.
Its Xi-lanyas in RuXian will
Be death of US Treasury Bill.

The West struck with Xi-ngles will moan
While Xi’s resplendent on his throne.
China will now Xi-na be called
With its Xi-ning ruler installed.

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