Gulf States
Iran Protest and it's domestic and regional implications

Amb. Anil Trugunayat, Distinguished Fellow at VIF dissects the core issues in recent protest in Iran and evaluates it's domestic and regional implications.

The Conflicts that Just Don’t Go Away

While the Russia-Ukraine war and the patriotic histrionics of Zelensky, obduracy of Putin and bluffing by the West and incongruity of Biden hog the limelight of media and the paparazzi across the spectrum, the forever wars especially in the Middle...

Syrian Unrest: A Decade of Misery for Syrians

18th March 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the commencement of unrest in Syria. The arrest and ill treatment of 15 schoolboys in Darra, a town on the border with Jordan led to about 3000 people holding a demonstration after Friday prayers,...

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