Political Crisis
Challenges ahead for the Pakistan Government

After the no confidence motion that ousted Imran Khan, Parliament elected unopposed Shahbaz Sharif as 23rd prime minister of the country, bringing to an end the political uncertainty that had gripped the nation. However the country still remains...

Sri Lanka's Current Economic and Political Crisis

Sri Lanka in India's neighborhood is reeling under economic, political, and social crisis. To listen to the insightful views on the reasons and implications of current development, join us on the podcast by Shri PM. Heblikar and Cchavi Vasisht.

Evolving Political Crisis in Pakistan

On April 3, 2022, parliament convened to vote, but Imran Khan survived after the deputy speaker of parliament dismissed the vote of no-confidence, citing foreign conspiracy. Khan took the unprecedented step to dissolve parliament and called for...

Post-Election Crisis in Kyrgyzstan

Introduction Recently, Kyrgyzstan faced one of the worst political crises in a decade. The current political turmoil is no different from the previous two popular revolutions of 2005 and 2010. The 'Tulip Revolution' of 2005 marked the then President...

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