One-China policy
Japan’s Defence White Paper 2021: China Riled by Mention of Taiwan Strait

On 13 July 2021, Japan issued the 2021 Defense White Paper. One significant mention for the first time is the need to maintain stability in the Taiwan Strait, which is threatened by increasing Chinese military incursions on the Taiwanese waters. The...

Developments in Xinjiang

Join Prof Srikanth Kondapalli and Dr Teshu Singh as they review the developments in Xinjiang Vivekananda International Foundation · Developments in Xinjiang

Interaction with Taiwanese Strategist Dr. Francis Yi-Hua Kan

In an informal interaction with the VIF’s faculty, held on 15 Oct 2014, Dr. Francis Yi-Hua Kan, former Senior Advisor to the National Security Council, Republic of China, discussed Indo-Taiwan relations and the strategic situation in the Asia-...

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