Sudan-South Sudan Rapprochement and Its Implications for the Region and Beyond

After a decade-long impasse, the borders between Sudan and South Sudan reopened on 1st October, 2021. With this first step of rapprochement, two countries can now slowly advance towards stabilizing the ties between them. On 12th September Sudanese...

Developments in Xinjiang

Join Prof Srikanth Kondapalli and Dr Teshu Singh as they review the developments in Xinjiang Vivekananda International Foundation · Developments in Xinjiang

‘Genocide’ in East Turkestan (Xinjiang) – What Can the World Do?

Introduction In one of its last acts before demitting office, the Trump administration declaredthat China was engaged in perpetrating genocide against the minority Uighurs and other Muslim groups in East Turkestan (Xinjiang). Secretary of State Mike...

The 1971 Genocide: Resurgent Bangladesh’s Quest for Justice, Pakistani Obduracy and India’s Role

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina recently concluded four-day visit to New Delhi which marked a significant milestone in both the country’s relationship. Although still considered one of the world’s Least Developed Countries (LDCs),...

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