VIF Viewpoint : Pakistan violates Line of Control, decapitation of Indian soldier
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The latest incident across the Line of Control (LoC), and the killing and decapitation of an Indian soldier, highlights yet again the challenge that Pakistan poses to our security and diplomacy. Further, this act cannot be discounted as a local incident as it bears all the hallmarks of having been deliberately planned and executed at a higher level within the Pakistan Army.

Two things are clear.

One, that the edifice of our engagement with Pakistan is wrong. For too long, we have appeased that country, and this has served only to embolden that country into ever more provocative actions against India. It is time for the Government to rise above petty political calculations and respond to the needs of the country, the honour of the Army, and the mood of the people.

The second is that the passivity we have shown all these years has allowed Pakistan to seize the initiative, and to blow hot and cold. It has allowed them to resort to force, or covert action, at a time and place of their choosing. This, too must change and our passive policies must give way to a more robust approach to national security, and to national dignity. The early response from Government sources are not encouraging.

Pakistan cannot be allowed to get away this time, as it has too often in the past, with its usual bluster and lies. It must serve exemplary punishment – and be seen to have done so – on the perpetrators of this unpardonable crime. Failing that, it must be paid to pay for this uncivilized act.

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September 1, 2013
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