Cyber DNA of China –Deep, Focussed and Militarised
Dr Gulshan Rai, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

The strategic goals reconfirmed by the CCP, in late 1970’s, included maintaining domestic stability; sustaining economic growth and development; defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity; safeguarding China’s interest world over. The focus of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Five year Plans, was on investing in export industries, infrastructure, adaption and investment in technology development. China began opening its economy to the outside world and embraced market forces. Since then, China’s growth and development have been spectacular. Today, it is the world’s second-biggest economy after the US. According to World Bank data based on current exchange rates, China’s Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita has grown from the equivalent of US $89.5 in 1960 to US $10,262 in 2019, a 115-fold increase.

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