Strengthening India through Women-centric Policy Interventions

One day, Sage Durvasa offered Indra a garland of flowers. Indra annoyed by the bees surrounding the garland threw it to the floor which enraged Goddess Lakshmi. The Goddess of wealth upset with Indra left the Devaloka and the gods started losing powe

SEBI’s Prudence & Finance Ministry’s Concerns on AT-1 bonds

Back in March 2020, the Reserve Bank of India proposed an SBI-led restructuring package for the struggling Yes Bank by exercising a clause in a manner no one expected.1 The proposed restructuring entailed writing down of over Rs.8400 crores of outsta

Designing a Foundation for Indian Innovative Ecosystem

Back in 2016, Elon Musk the billionaire Tesla & SpaceX CEO announced that Tesla’s Model 3 would be built in a new fully automated factory. In the most ambitious attempt at automation, Tesla floundered with severe bottlenecks and was plagued with

Rural Growth, Agricultural Reforms & RBI Monetary Policy in a High Systemic Risk Economy

When the RBI meeting of Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) in August commences, it would probably be the strangest voting decision. On one hand, RBI may be acutely sensitive to the diminished consumer confidence and risk aversion the pandemic and subseq

Igniting Total Factor Productivity Growth in Indian Economy

For decades, India has looked upon China as competitor in the economic sphere and rightly so. Indian civilization has historically been an economic superpower for centuries ahead of China. It was inevitable in contemporary economic history that a gia

China’s Strategy to Overcome the Virus Stigma is “Belligerence”

On June 15 2020, Col. B Santosh Babu probably didn’t expect to walk up to a Chinese observation post at the vertex of the bend in Galwan River. It was strange because the PLA themselves had dismantled the post after the talks few days back. A sense

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