हालिया प्रदर्शनों में हाईब्रिड युद्ध का उपक्रम

21वीं सदी में, परम्परागत युद्धों का दौर बीत गया है। उसके नये-नये रूपों जैसे कम घनत्व वाले युद्धों,

Employment of Hybrid Warfare in Recent Agitations

In the 21st century, waging conventional wars has become passé. New variations like Low Intensity wars, Information Wars and Hybrid War, have emerged. Hybrid warfare is a planned, clandestine initiative launched by an interested party against th

Influences and Performance of Intelligence: Assessment of Intelligence Inputs in 2020 Ladakh Military Standoff

‘The further one looks back, the further he looks ahead’ Historically, military might alone served as the primary instrument of national power and for securing national interests. Later diplomacy, economic power, science and technology (S&T),

Deception, Denial, Distortion and Disinformation (D4) by China

General Deception is practiced by lizards, chameleons and storks for escaping danger or survival. Humans employ deception to create confusion, gain surprise, take advantage and secure victory. Examples abound in the Mahabharat; other examples are

कोरोना – जैविक युद्ध और अन्य निहितार्थ

कोरोनावायरस की तीव्रता और प्रसार दुनिया के लिए अभूतपूर्व रहा है। इससे पहले की सभी महामारियों क

Corona - Biological War and Other Connotations

The intensity and spread of Corona virus has been unprecedented in the world. All previous calamities either effected smaller regions or petered out with time. In terms of death ‘Black Death’ caused up to 75-200 million people in Eurasia and Nort

Should Certain Technological Applications of China be Emulated?

Introduction For many centuries, China was credited with four inventions - papermaking, compass, gunpowder, and printing. Since its formation in 1949, the PRC has endeavoured to imbibe and improve on modern technologies and in some cases, transcen

Wuhan Corona Outbreak: Penumbra and Umbra Effects

The Corona virus that originated in December 2019 at Wuhan continues to grab headlines world over. As on 10 Feb 2020, a total of 40625 cases of infections and 910 deaths were recorded. On 18 Feb 2020, the tally reads 73336 infection cases and 1874 d

China in Cyberspace

A number of major developments in warfare and military technology occurred in the latter half of 20th century. These paradigm shifts are seen in veering away from waging conventional wars to unconventional wars; from nuclear wars to non-proliferation

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