EU’s Operation Irini Promotes a Poor Image of the EU

The European Union launched operation IRINI in the Mediterranean on 1st of April, 2020. The operation is officially called EUNAVFOR MED Irini where EUNAVFOR stands for European Union Naval Force and MED stands for the Mediterranean Sea. Irini succeed

Turkey using refugees as a leverage

Turkey has aided all shades of Syrian rebels (except the Kurds) with arms and other kinds of support in the Syrian civil war since it began in 2011. The Turkish army has also launched incursions across the border and now controls swathes of territory

Constitutional Changes in Russia! What is Cooking?

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his entire government resigned on January 15th after a televised speech by President Putin to the federal assembly wherein he proposed sweeping changes to the constitution. These changes will modify the equation of

Way Forward in India-China Relations after the Amendment of Article 370

News has emerged that the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will not be visiting India on the 22nd of this month as had previously been scheduled. The request for the change of dates has ostensibly been made by the Indian side. Wang Yi is the Chinese

What the US-Led Naval Buildup in the Persian Gulf Tells Us!

Australia has joined the United States of America (US) led maritime security mission in the Persian Gulf. It is one of the three countries to have become part of the mission, the other two being the United Kingdom (UK) and Bahrain. All three countrie

Solving the Huawei Conundrum, the Middle Path

Officials in the Indian government have stated that the Chinese overbearing on the Huawei issue could go against the company. Earlier, China had warned India that any move to block or ban Huawei from participating in the 5G trials would lead to recip

Is it Time for India to Up its Game in West Asia?

Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and France this week to boost bilateral ties with these states. The visit comes in the wake of support that India has received from these countries after New Delhi deci

Britain does a ‘Britain’ as Europe Dithers like ‘Europe’

The European Union (EU) has been labouring hard to prove that it is serious about carrying more political heft in the world. Statements emanating from Brussels have made all the right noises in this direction. However, it seems that the usual pulls

Chabahar Port - A Rethink is Needed

Russian, Chinese, American and Pakistani representatives met in Beijing on the 10th and 11th of July to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. This was the third such consultation between Russia, China and the US, and the first in which Pakistan parti

An India-US Trade War Now?

The United States, under President Trump, has been at loggerheads with a long list of countries on trade related issues. This includes China, Canada, Mexico and India. The European Union has also suffered. In fact, the Trump administration has used t

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