What to Expect from Ebrahim Raisi Presidency in Iran

Iran’s current Chief Justice Ebrahim Raisi has been elected as the new President receiving 61.95 percent of total votes. The presidential election held on 18 June 2021 saw the lowest turnout at 48.8 percent since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Intere

Trends in West Asia in 2020

COVID-19 in West Asia The COVID-19 pandemic has a devastating impact on human lives and the economic situation in the West Asian and North African region. The UAE was the first state in the region to report a positive case on 29 January. Iran su

West Asia Review - November 2020

ABSTRACT: Even though sunset on Trump Presidency has begun the Middle East continued to engage his attention. His Secretary of State Pompeo visited the region especially Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Israel to follow through the partially

West Asia Round up – October 2020

ABSTRACT: Normalisation of ties by someArab countries with Israel after UAE and Bahrain continued as Sudan’s transitional government, despite internal opposition, established diplomatic relations at the behest of U.S. USA agreed to remove Sud

Uyghur Forced Labour in China

The availability of cheap workforce has significantly contributed in transforming China into an industrial powerhouse in the present century. The labour force in China however, faces systematic abuses and they are denied protection of workers’ righ

West Asia Roundup September 2020

Abstract: Jordan was the last Arab country in 1994 to have normalised relations with Israel. Even though over the years Israel has tried to informally engage with the Arabs especially GCC countries the formalisation of relations with UAE and Bahr

China and the International Human Rights Regime

Introduction China’s rise marked by the combination of high economic development, swift modernisation and authoritarian political structure has been highly attractive for other developing states to imbibe and follow course. In reality however, t

West Asia Round Up: August 2020

ABSTRACT: August witnessed monumental events in the region. US sponsored rapprochement between UAE and Israel; Pompeo’s visit to Khartoum; Beirut blasts; attempts to ceasefire in Libya; Iraqi PM’s visits to Iran and USA; Defeat of US proposal

West Asia Round Up: July 2020

ABSTRACT: China-Iran deal announced earlier this month continued to reverberate through the continent and elsewhere that has been dictated by the enhanced US-China and US-Iran rivalry. The proposed 25 years Agreement , which has been in the offin

Finding a Solution to the Nile Dispute

The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) since April 2011 has emerged as a bone of contention between Egypt famously known as the ‘Gift of Nile’ and Ethiopia that controls 85 percent of the water flow of the river. The dispu

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