Evolving India-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation

Maritime security has been one of the important elements in the relationship between India and ASEAN countries. Right from the start of the Look East policy India has been concerned with regard to developing maritime security architecture with the So

Yearend Assessment of Vietnam’s Chairmanship of ASEAN in 2020

Vietnam took over the chairmanship of ASEAN in November 2019, and outlined that the objective of the next year of ASEAN meetings would be on ‘cohesiveness and responsive attitude’. This was meant to bring about better understanding within the ASE

Vietnam as ASEAN Chair - Preparing for the Next Decade

The ASEAN under the Chairmanship of Vietnam has been preparing a draft for the mid-term review of the Overall Plan for the Implementation of the ASEAN Community Vision 2025. It is assessing the outcomes and accordingly working out a feasible timeline

Recent Visit of a Multi-Think Tank Delegation to China

A multi-think delegation of Indian scholars (Gateway House, Jindal University, India Foundation, ORF, and FORE School of Business Management) visited and interacted with Chinese scholars, officials, corporate agencies and academics in different unive

Five ‘T’s of China-India ties

Following the two informal summits between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping in Wuhan (2018) and Chennai (2019) the important question that is being asked within the academic circles in China is what could be the possible template

Decoding China’s Stance on South China Sea

China has been looking into formalizing of a Code of Conduct (COC) for the South China Sea (SCS) and seeks a possible long lasting solution to the maritime territorial dispute that persists with its other claimant countries. There have been consultat

India’s Act East Policy and Chinese Perceptions

Last month, a multi-think tank delegation visited China to interact with Chinese think tanks on the current state of India-China relations and the way forward. Among many other issues the Chinese experts and scholars were very keen to discuss and ana

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