दो नगरों की कहानी: ढाका मार्च 12, 1972 और काबुल 30 अगस्त 2021

पांच दशक और डेढ़ हजार मील की दूरी में विभाजित दो घटनाएं- जब से अमेरिका ने अफगानिस्तान से अपना त

An Assessment of International Coalition Forces Intervention in Afghanistan

The Al Qaeda attack on the twin towers on 9 September 2001 turned America’s global war on terror into a crusade. The operation Enduring Freedom commenced in Afghanistan on 07 October 2001 followed by Desert Storm in Iraq (2003). Our focus in th

A Tale of Two Cities: Dacca March 12, 1972 and Kabul August 30, 2021

Two Events Separated by Five Decades and One and half Thousands Miles Since the time the US decided to leave Afghanistan the media is full of its coverage and resultant reverberations across the world. Everyone agrees that it is too early to form

Origin and Growth of Sino Pak Nexus against India: Suggested Tenets of Indian Response

An Assertive and Proactive India The Surgical Strike in Uri Sector (20161, Doklam standoff (2017)2 and air strike in Balakot3 have portrayed an assertive and proactive Indian response to the Chinese and Pakistani belligerence. A very definite strate

“Indigenize India’s Military Doctrines, Procedures and Customs too”: PM at Kevadia

PM’s Observation that Created the Ripple Effect On 06 March 2021 the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi delivered the valedictory address to the Combined Commanders’ Conference at Kevadia in Gujarat. He stressed the “importance of enh

The Oxygen Crisis in Second Wave Covid-19 Pandemic in India and “We the People”

The Silver Lining Dr. Rajendra Bharud an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer of 2013 batch presently Collector Nandurbar in the tribal area of Maharashtra started setting up a liquid oxygen plant way back in September 2020 when the first

Transformation in Indian Armed Forces to Exploit Modern Information Systems

Need for Adapting Modern Information Systems in Military Operations The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) today are capable of revolutionizing military operations. Since early 90’s Indian Armed Forces have gained immensely from us

India’s Cyber Deterrence Against China

Cyber Threats from China: Chinese Offensive Capabilities and Modus Operandi China raised cyber war units way back in 20031. Major objectives of these units has been cyber surveillance, manipulating network data, disseminating propaganda, misinform

Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular Communication: Technology and Geopolitics

What Makes 5G Wireless Communication So Different? The steady growth from first to fourth generation mobile communication was smooth, rapid and vastly beneficial to the Information, and Communication Technology (ICT) related industries. This dra

Information War Waged by China against India

In May 2020 the Indian media covered news of large scale Chinese intrusion in Ladakh1. This was followed by a series of articles by the mainstream media about how the current government had failed to safeguard the territorial integrity of the nation2

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