Sri Lanka Presidential Elections: Reinforcement of Security Concerns

As the latest election in Sri Lanka results reveal, issues of national security continues to be predominant for this island’s population. More generic issues of social welfare, gender sensitivity and local development did not find the similar reson

Rohingya Refugee Children : Que Sara Sara?

A recent visit to a Rohingya camp near Cox bazar at Samlapore in Bangladesh revealed a reality that had been known about but not quite understood nor realised its full implications till the prevailing conditions for were seen. As is well documen

India-Bangladesh: Moving beyond the Bilateral

What does it take for a bilateral relation to cross the Rubicon? As recent developments were unfolding, if any two neighbours in South Asia were capable of making the turnaround it was presumed India and Bangladesh could and would. And given the ong

मोदी का दूसरा कार्यकाल: ‘नेबरहुड फर्स्ट’ पर अमल

भारत के आम चुनावों पर अन्य लोगों के साथ ही पड़ोसियों का भी भरपूर ध्यान रहा। कई को चुनावी कवायद के

बिम्सटेक - एक सुरक्षा ढांचे की तरफ

प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी के दूसरी बार जनादेश पाने के भारत के घरेलू और विदेश नीति दोनों के लि

Moreh-Tamu: An Unfulfilled Potential

For India, Myanmar is a vital neighbour, located at a cusp connecting the region of South Asia to Southeast Asia. In the wake of India’s increasing engagement with the Southeast Asian neighours including the ASEAN countries, the Myanmar connect is

BIMSTEC - Towards a Security Architecture

The renewed mandate for PM Modi holds several implications for India’s domestic and foreign policy both. The presence of Bay of Bengal initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) leaders in Delhi for the Prime Ministe

Modi’s Second Term: Implementing the ‘Neighbourhood First’

Along with others, the neighbourhood attention was riveted on the Indian general elections. For many, not only the scale of the exercise was fascinating but more importantly, what it portends for the future of their bilateral with India. And as the c

भारत-मालदीव मजबूत होती साझेदारी

हिंद-प्रशांत क्षेत्र अंतरराष्ट्रीय पक्षों का ध्यान आकर्षित करने की कोशिश कर रहा है, जिसके कारण

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