Korean Rapprochement - Hope for Resolution of Maritime Disputes?

On April 26 Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean Leader to step foot on South Korean soil since the Korean War in the 1950’s. The leaders agreed to actively pursue talks for declaring an official end to the Korean War. This declaration could d

Securitization of BIMSTEC can protect the Blue Economy of Bay of Bengal

The riches of the Ocean rival the wealthiest economies of the world. According to an estimate made by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) the ocean assets can be valued at 24 trillion USD with an annual turnover in goods and services of around 2.5 trillion

Whither ‘Quad’ – Alliance or Alignment

The congregation of the leaders of the US, Japan, India and Australia on the sidelines of ASEAN Summit in November 2017 in Manila has been a significant geo-political statement for the Indo-Pacific community. The timing and place for rekindling the o

Emerging India European Union Cooperation in Western Indian Ocean

Donald Trump’s exhortation for European Union (EU) to do more for their own security, coupled with ‘Brexit’ has spurred the EU to review its security framework. This has been further convoluted by an assertive Russia and rising influence of Chi

India Needs Proactive Engagement with East African Countries on Maritime Security

The Western Indian Ocean has been a fertile ground for almost all maritime threats and challenges; and East African nations have struggled to keep up with the rapidly evolving security scenarios. While there are some notable exceptions, most military

नियंत्रण रेखा विरोधाभास

डोकलम में भारत और चीन की फौजों के बीच ढाई महीने से भी अधिक समय तक तनावपूर्ण टकराव की स्थिति रही औ

The Doklam Paradox

Indian and Chinese troops were engaged in a tense standoff for over two and a half months at Doklam till its resolution on 28th Aug 17. The standoff was particularly marked by shrill and condescending voices from Chinese State run media. In addition,

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