Outlining a Geoeconomic Strategy for India

Since time immemorial, states have used economic tools to practise power politics. Thus, questions arise on the recent discourse of the emergence of a new geoeconomic era in international relations. The rise of China which markedly defines today’s

2021: The Year Ahead for Japan

Although 2020 remained a challenging year for Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 offers no alleviation from the existent troubles. The year started with a second month-long emergency, albeit a soft lockdown limited to the nation's capital an

Why the Revival of CPEC now?

In international rhetoric, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is often referred to as the crown jewel or the colossal blunder of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. These diametrically opposite assessments reflect the ambiguity and irrationa

Why China is an Economic Landmine

‘And China has deep pockets’ is a guaranteed statement one gets to hear in every seminar or discussion on China. But despite its moneyed and lucrative hues, many questions arise. How is China an economic behemoth, when economists and Chinese poli

A Perspective on the Senkaku Islands Dispute

The dispute over the Senkaku/ Diaoyu Islands comprising five uninhabited islands and three rocks totalling seven square kilometres in the East China Sea is often understated as a simple sovereignty dispute or a resource conflict. It may, in fact, be

Western Media Bias against India

The Western Media is now more vocal about the growing pervasiveness of moral denunciation through ‘Cancel Culture’ in western societies. Cancel Culture refers to a boycott of someone in professional or social circles that is determined by an aggr

The Future of China-Japan Relations

The China-Japan Bilateral Relationship has had an enduring impact on international relations. Usually territorial disputes, conflicting political interactions, anticipated military conflicts are all associated with reduced trade flows and states with

COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, June 04, 2020

Economic Saudi Arabia poised to reverse extra production cuts as Opec+ meets Saudi Arabia is set to unwind the extra production cuts it pledged last month, increasingly confident that the grand bargain agreed by oil producers in April to reduce s

COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, June 03, 2020

Economic U.S. Weighs Tariffs against Nations Seeking to Tax Internet Firms The Trump administration is taking the initial step to prepare tariffs against a range of trading partners unless they back off proposals to impose taxes that would fall h

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