अफगानिस्तान; भारत की उससे संबंधित नीतियां और भारत पर उसके प्रभाव

दिनानुदिन इस बात के बढ़ते साक्ष्य के बावजूद कि मौजूदा तालिबान 2.0 तालिबान 1.0 में थोड़ा ही अलग है, क

Stray Thoughts Relating to Developments in Afghanistan; India’s Policies Relating thereto and Implications for India

Despite increasing evidence that Taliban 2.0 is little different from Taliban 1.0 in terms of its being no more than a bunch of terrorists aided and abetted by Pakistan, a horde of apologists have arisen in its favour in many parts of the world. This

Comments on the IISS paper of May 2021 titled: “Nuclear Deterrence and Stability in South Asia: Perceptions and Realities”1

The recent IISS paper titled “Nuclear Deterrence and Stability in South Asia: Perceptions and Realities” is something of a letdown. Though it contains some nuggets of value such as the assessment that, given the China factor, the conventional arm

Modi Government: An Evaluation

As the nation reels under the impact of the monstrous second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic Prime Minister Modi has been the focus of much criticism, some justified and some unjustified, for the failure to avert it and to mitigate its adverse impact.

Book Review: “Forgotten Kashmir: The Other Side of the Line of Control” by Dinkar P Srivastava, Harper Collins Publishers Feb 2021, pp. 304, MRP Rs. 699

“Forgotten Kashmir” while touching upon Pakistan’s invasion of Kashmir and the issue of self determination in the context of the people of Kashmir is mainly focussed on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) inclusive of both so called Azad Kashmir a

Addressing the China Challenge

(This is a modified version of the talk delivered by Mr. Satish Chandra, Vice Chairman, VIF at the Panchnad Research Institute recently) I propose to dwell essentially on three issues namely the nature and gravity of this challenge, its interna

Sino-Indian Standoff: Can India Rely on USA?

The deterioration in China's relations with the USA and India have not entirely uncoincidentally been accompanied by the blossoming of ties between the latter. Nevertheless, as India looks down the barrel of a military confrontation with China, as a

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