India 1989-2014 and after — a paradigm shift

Why China, why not India?” is a question debated in India without a credible answer. Asking an identical question, “Why China flew, India just grew?” Forbes magazine (2019) answered that it was because of the barrier-free autocracy in China and

Is Supreme Court an ISIS accomplice, Mr Khurshid?

Hindutva depicts the way of life of Indian people, their state of mind and ethos. Hindu, Hindutva and Hinduism cannot be confined to the narrow limits of religion alone excluding the content of Indian culture and heritage. Or confined to merely descr

Will US politics bury or expose truth?

Respected science writer Nicholas Wade uncovers more. About how the guild of virology obfuscated, the World Health Organisation was suborned, the anti-Trump US media kept silent and the divided US polity let the culprit escape. Being a disciplined wr

Covid-19: The villain, bats or bat lady

Even now, what the world knows about the mysterious virus 18 months after it broke out in Wuhan city in China, is that it is mysterious. Though officially called Covid-19 after its name was changed many times within three months of its detection, its

Covid: Missing facts, misdirected discourse

"One-fifth of Indian districts have not reported any Covid-19 cases for the last seven days. We seem to have flattened the Covid curve,” declared Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan two months back, on February 15. By then the daily infections t

Love Jihad: Loving for religion

Jihad means any effort to promote Islam. Can love (marriage) be integral to promoting Islam? Neutral and Islamic sources say ‘yes, it can be and is’ Robert Epstein, a Harvard psychologist who has researched marriages, contrasts the love marria

Math and effect of Modi package

Its explicit intent is to provide for the deprived and disturbed through direct fiscal spend from the budget. The Modi stimulus package is in three parts — direct government spend, bank credit, and rate cut and lending by RBI to banks. Modi’s

Covid-19 package — World and India

Where there are six economists', said Winston Churchill quoting Barbara Wootton, “there are seven opinions or even more”. Churchill even chided the undoubtedly great economist John Maynard Keynes for giving him two opinions on every issue. Econom

'Self-reliant India' is a Dynamic Concept, it will never remain static

When asked if India should woo companies currently involved in China, Gurumurthy said: In my view, India should just create the ecosystem in which those who want to leave China will look at us as the first option. China cannot blame India for someone

Tablighi Jamaat - its other, evil side

Global security experts call it the antechamber of fundamentalism, claim it is used to nurse and indoctrinate terrorists. Except intelligence officials, national security experts and the wary among police officials, not many Indians would have h

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