Ukraine crisis: The war that is changing relations, rules

Having pushed Ukraine into war, the US does not know how to save it. Having started it, Russia does not know where to end it. Having been pushed into the war, Ukraine does not know how to come out of it. It accuses its adversary Russia saying it is a

Ukraine: As history returns to haunt the world

In the early 1990s, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that with the liberal democracy and the free market economy of the West finally emerging as a one-size-fits-all model for all nations, all conflicts that were the source of history had ended. That becam

Budget 2022-23 – A huge turning point

There are several firsts about Budget 2022-23. The first of the firsts is that this is the only Budget in recent memory when the finance minister’s speech was not disturbed even once. The usual shoutings for this or that segment, or for states were

Congrats Mr Tirumurti for defending an Orphaned Civilisation

You, the United Nations, cry about Islamophobia, Christianophobia, anti-Semiticism – all three Abrahamic religions. But what about non-Abrahamic religious phobias – the anti-Hindu, anti-Sikh and anti-Buddhist? You should see that also.” Approxi

India 1989-2014 and after — a paradigm shift

Why China, why not India?” is a question debated in India without a credible answer. Asking an identical question, “Why China flew, India just grew?” Forbes magazine (2019) answered that it was because of the barrier-free autocracy in China and

Is Supreme Court an ISIS accomplice, Mr Khurshid?

Hindutva depicts the way of life of Indian people, their state of mind and ethos. Hindu, Hindutva and Hinduism cannot be confined to the narrow limits of religion alone excluding the content of Indian culture and heritage. Or confined to merely descr

Will US politics bury or expose truth?

Respected science writer Nicholas Wade uncovers more. About how the guild of virology obfuscated, the World Health Organisation was suborned, the anti-Trump US media kept silent and the divided US polity let the culprit escape. Being a disciplined wr

Covid-19: The villain, bats or bat lady

Even now, what the world knows about the mysterious virus 18 months after it broke out in Wuhan city in China, is that it is mysterious. Though officially called Covid-19 after its name was changed many times within three months of its detection, its

Covid: Missing facts, misdirected discourse

"One-fifth of Indian districts have not reported any Covid-19 cases for the last seven days. We seem to have flattened the Covid curve,” declared Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan two months back, on February 15. By then the daily infections t

Love Jihad: Loving for religion

Jihad means any effort to promote Islam. Can love (marriage) be integral to promoting Islam? Neutral and Islamic sources say ‘yes, it can be and is’ Robert Epstein, a Harvard psychologist who has researched marriages, contrasts the love marria

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