रूस-यूक्रेन संघर्षः भारत के रुख पर अमेरिकी आलोचना का जवाब

अगर पश्चिमी देशों की सरकारें भारत के साथ “लोकतांत्रिक” दायरे में अपने दीर्घकालिक हितों का संत

Responding to American Criticism of India’s Stance on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

If western governments are ready to accommodate India by balancing their longer term interest in keeping it within their “democratic” fold with their shorter term interest in drawing India into the circle of “democratic” states condemning Rus

Distrust More, Verify More: India-China Relations Post Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

China, through his reckless aggression in Ladakh has seriously jeopardised peace and tranquility on the India-Tibet border. China is already in occupation of large parts of Indian territory in Ladakh. To seek to consolidate its hold on this occupied

India-China Face Off- Has China Committed a Faux Pas?

China has committed a grave error in triggering a military confrontation in Ladakh. It has underestimated the Indian resolve to stand up to its bullying tactics. Doklam should have been a warning to China that its military efforts to gain territorial

Denigrating Prime Minister Modi’s Policies in Foreign Journals to Serve Domestic Political Purpose

The Modi government is under attack in influential international media by people of repute in India who ignore the consequences of this for the country’s image abroad. Playing politics at home is one thing, but playing politics abroad with a view t

Article 370 Fully Integrates J & K with India

The revision of Article 370 removed a long festering abscess in our body politic. India had been divided in 1947 but Article 370 blurred a neat division by preventing the full integration of J&K with India. J&K obtained a special status because of th


In Kathmandu at Singh Darbar Oli sat with his close team, He said he would go very far To realise his long cherished dream. To make sure that Nepalis saw That India was a foreign land, He had made up his mind to draw With his own hand line


At those heights where the earth touches the sky The wind blows like a flurry of sharp spears That pierce the flesh without drawing blood When breathing becomes an ordeal And each step an act of determination to feel alive Our soldiers stand l

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