Year-end Review: The Unstable Regional Security Environment is a Cause for Concern

A polycentric new world order, the early contours of which had begun to gradually emerge from the ashes of the Cold War, has begun to fray at the edges. The primary causes for this condition are the growing friction among the major powers, particular

India’s Nuclear Triad is now Fully Operational

With a sense of pride, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in early-November 2018 that INS Arihant, India’s indigenously designed and built nuclear-powered submarine, ship sub-surface ballistic nuclear (SSBN), armed with nuclear-tipped submarine

Defence Cooperation: India-Russia Strategic Partnership in Recess

The wide ranging agreements signed during President Vladimir Putin’s trip to New Delhi for the annual summit meeting with Prime Minister Narender Modi on October 4-5, 2018, and the bonhomie on display (warm hugs, long handshakes and plenty of smile

Commentary: India’s Missile Arsenal - An Overview

On January 18, 2018, the personnel of the Indian armed forces test-fired the 5,000-km-plus Agni-5 Interim Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM). The test, conducted from Kalam Island in the Bay of Bengal, achieved all the mission parameters that had been st

Commentary - In Complete Control: Xi Jinping is China’s Undisputed Leader

As had been widely anticipated, President Xi Jinping consolidated his position as the undisputed “core” leader of China at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held at Beijing in the third week of October 2017. Xi was also r

Nuclear Sabre-rattling: Pakistan must Discard its Tactical Nuclear Weapons

“Any nuclear weapon, of any quality, mode of delivery or yield, used against any type of target, will result in a strategic impact to which the logical response would be the use of nuclear weapons, more often than not, on an overwhelming scale.”

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: India Must Stay Out

Furthering China’s Grand Strategy Leaders from almost 30 countries gathered in Beijing this week to endorse President Xi Jinping’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative, now called ‘Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The project is designe

Human Shield: Army’s Young Leaders are Confronted with Unusual Situations Daily in Kashmir

The incident at Budgam must be seen in the correct context. Using a hostage as a human shield is neither part of the army’s SOP, nor is it ever likely to be encouraged or repeated. But, have armchair strategists and promoters of human rights (for w

Imperative Need for a Comprehensive National Security Strategy

Inconsistent Policy Formulation All national-level endeavours must be based on a clear sense of purpose. The idea is elemental, but one that is little appreciated and often ignored. Does India have a comprehensive, clearly enunciated national secu

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