Analysing Sri Lanka Elections: Implications for India

Perhaps Mahinda Rajapaksa had seen the rapid decline in his popularity much before others did. That and apparently advice of astrologers who told him his propitious time was fast running out, forced Rajapaksa's hand in calling for elections two year

India Playing Catch up along China Frontier

After years of neglecting the Northern frontiers, the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force are re-calibrating their strategy giving a hard push to improving its war-fighting capabilities against its more powerful neighbour. Ladakh for instance is bu

Why Mountain Strike Corps Along the India-China Border is Important?

Following the government’s recent in-principle clearance to raise a Mountain Strike Corps, a debate over the efficacy of the decision to spend over Rs 64,000 crores on the new accretion has begun. Noted Strategic Affairs expert, former Rear Admiral

From Look East to Engage East: How India’s own Pivot will Change Discourse in Indo-Pacific Region

Much before President Barack Obama rediscovered Asia’s importance to the world and announced an American “rebalance” towards Asia-Pacific region in January 2012; New Delhi had quietly upgraded its two decade old “Look East” Policy to “Eng

Safeguarding India’s Maritime Interests

In July, days before he retired, the then Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma commissioned a Naval Air Station at Campbell Bay on Great Nicobar Island, christening it INS ‘Baaz’ thereby signalling India's intentions to keep a close watch on the new d

Reviewing India-Afghanistan Partnership

The implementation of India-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership, signed more than a year ago, is all set to gather momentum in coming months in the wake of a successful India visit by Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai earlier this week. While Kar

Naresh Chandra Task Force’s Report on National Security: An Appraisal

The high-powered Naresh Chandra Task Force, appointed by the government last year, submitted its detailed report to the Prime Minister a couple of months ago but so far there is no indication that the report will be made public soon. We do not even k

Why India’s Mega Cities Need to be Protected

Mumbai in July 2011. Three bomb blasts in a matter of half an hour shook Mumbai again, killing 21 people. A sense of déjà vu prevailed. But there was a vital difference between earlier attacks on Mumbai and the July 2011 bombings. This t

Indian Navy on A High - Growth Trajectory

Last week, Vikramaditya, formerly Adm. Gorshkov, a 45,000-tonne displacement aircraft carrier built in Russia began its sea trials, six months before it is handed over to the Indian Navy on December 4, the Navy Day. This week, four frontline warsh

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