Violence in Bodo Areas: Address the Armed Component

After a three-month lull, violence has once again erupted in the Bodo areas of Assam. It was in July-August this year the areas witnessed major violence between Bodos and Muslims resulting in over 100 deaths and about 400,000 displaced. If the issue

Special Laws to Counter Terrorism in India: A Reality Check

A National Convention held recently in New Delhi on ‘Politics of Terror’ has brought to focus the need to re-look into provisions of special laws that are currently in use to counter terrorism. When confronted with armed militancy, democracies fa

SAARC Home Ministers’ Meet: Injecting Multilateralism in Counter-Terrorism

How significant did the fifth meeting of SAARC Home/Interior Ministers held in Maldives on 24-26 September 2012 prove to be? It is difficult to answer this question exactly in qualitative terms, but quantitatively, the meet was noteworthy in three as

The State of India-Sri Lanka Relations: Ethnic Issue as an Irritant

In the recent days, the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu has figured in at least four issues pertaining to Sri Lanka: protests against training of Sri Lankan defence personnel in the state, threats to Sri Lankan pilgrims touring the state, turning

Violence in Bodo Areas: Issues and Options

Violence in Bodo areas is not a simple story of communal conflict between Bodos and non-Bodos, but is a complex issue with socio-cultural, economic, political and security dimensions. Clashes have erupted from time-to-time1 in the area, but the situa

Illegal Migration as a Threat to India’s Internal Security

Among other things, one of the major aspects that have come out of the recent communal violence in Bodo areas of Assam is illegal migration. According to the Group of Ministers Report on National Security, illegal migration has generated a host of de

China’s Involvement in India’s Internal Security Threats

Unlike Pakistan, the involvement of China in meddling with India’s internal security is not a simple story of ‘sub-conventional warfare. It is more nuanced and complex. Under Mao Zedong, China supported revolutionary insurgencies throughout the w

Abu Jundal’s Arrest and India-Saudi Arabia Counter-terrorism Cooperation

The arrest and deportation of Abu Jundal alias Abu Hamza alias Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari, a Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) handler, involved in several terror attacks in various parts of India, by Saudi Arabia is a classic case of good counter-terrorism cooperat

Fishermen Issue and India - Sri Lanka Relations

The Problem: The issue of fishermen straying in each other’s territorial waters has come as a potential irritant in the otherwise generally good bilateral relations between India and Sri Lanka. In the latest instance, the Sri Lankan Navy on 26 J

Maoists’ ‘Look East Policy’

The problem of the Left-wing Extremism (LWE) has been like a shifting pain that moved from West Bengal to Bihar in 1970s, and then to Andhra Pradesh in 1980s. After nearly two decades, when there was pressure in Andhra Pradesh, the Naxals found s

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