Book Discussion on The Borderlands and Boundaries of the Indian Subcontinent, by Padma Shri Professor Dilip K. Chakrabarti
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A distinguished panel of scholars and VIF faculty participated in examining the basic elements of geographical, historical, economic and religious interactions between the accepted outer boundary line of the Indian sub-continent and the major geographical zones which lie outside it, as described in this path breaking research volume. It was revealing to take a novel approach to look at Indian history from the prism of India’s borderlands. The book brings out the importance of recognizing the importance of this Indic world spanning the entire Asian landmass to get a sense of who we were and who we are, as against unsubstantiated claims made by others, including China. Based on that understanding of history, India needs examine her foreign and security dilemmas.

Event Date 
March 18, 2019

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