Book Release, ‘Who Should Say Sorry for Two Millennia of Injustices’, authored by Ambassador Surendra Kumar
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The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organised a book release function for the release of the book, ‘Who Should Say Sorry For Two Millennia of Injustices’, penned by Ambassador Surendra Kumar, who has served in Indian missions in Libya, Mozambique, Kenya, Malta etc. and is an eminent political commentator. The VIF was honored to have Mrs. Sonal Maan Singh, MP from Rajya Sabha, as the Chief Guest to unveil the book. Dr. Arvind Gupta, Director VIF, welcomed the Ambassador to the interaction that was attended by former diplomats, military officers and scholars. Highlighting that earlier Mr. Kumar has written on cinema and culture with a powerful stroke of honest and open mindedness and in his specific style. Dr. Arvind Gupta then invited Ambassador Surendra Kumar to share his views and introduce the book.

Mr. Surendra Kumar explained that the book was a collection of thirty four articles, and certain themes emerge out of them pertaining to larger public interest. He addressed the audience by introducing one of the chapters on cut-off marks and explained the impracticality of such approach. Another issue which he raised in the book was media which being the fourth pillar of democracy has failed to provide the objective journalism and become polarised. Mr. Surendra Kumar stressed that issues needs to be raised, but tendency may not be to be critical of country but that of political leadership; unfortunately, such criticism has come to be viewed as anti-national rhetoric.

Ambassador Kumar connected all issues to the issue of merit; the criterion of marks are not enough to explain to judge someone’s caliber. He read a paragraph from PM Narendra Modi’s book; he said that there are huge expectation from populace and it’s a tough job ahead and Modi has to fulfill the promises and hopes. Mr. Surendra Kumar referred to the speech of Shashi Tharoor which made the whole nation realise the injustice British did to India in terms of economy, and human development and growth. If Mr. Tharoor could make the British to apologize for their two hundred year rule, Ambassador Kumar asked if India had the same courage to apologise for the inhuman treatment done to lower castes since past two thousand years. He asked, who should say sorry for two millennia of injustices - a gesture from parliament in terms of passing a resolution? Realistically, none will own up and say sorry which can act as symbolic atonement which will be ten time louder for what Shashi has demanded. Ambassador Surendra Kumar referred to another satire theme of ‘Kiss for a Cause’. Ambassador Kumar suggested that such theme can also be applied in India for charity to raise money for the cause rather than the games like Kaun Banega Crorepati or even 10 Ka Dum.

Dr. Arvind Gupta then invited Professor Nalpath, a distinguished academic and associated with geo-political centre at the Manipal University. Mr. Nalpath lauded Ambassador Surendra Kumar for his book; his invidualistic personality was another cause of delight for him. Mr. Nalpath resonated with Ambassador Kumar’s argument on ground of rationality against the absurd concept of accident of birth. He said the fair share of justice needs to be provided for the injustice especially to Dalits as a community.

Mrs. Sonal Maan Singh released the book and congratulated Ambassador Kumar for his contribution to the literature and subject. She endorsed author’s views and presented her point of view; she said that the Dalit among the Dalits were the women, that too longer than two millennia. She said that women were at the receiving end. On the one end there are sutras and female goddesses while on the other end lies the bedeviling of women. She requested Ambassador Surendra Kumar to write another book on issues related to women.

The event concluded with a question and answer session.

Event Date 
August 14, 2018

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