Conference on ‘Assessing India’s Connectivity with its Neighbourhood’
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The VIF, in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), organised a conference on ‘Assessing India’s Connectivity with its Neighborhood’ with the participation of industry, intelligentsia and policy makers.

The aim of the Conference was to take stock of India’s achievements and shortcomings with regard to its extended connectivity with its neighbourhood. The conference deliberated on the identification and prioritisation of projects, potential welfare gains and geo-strategic implications of connectivity projects. In this context, the Conference had dedicated sessions on Transit and Investment, Connectivity and Transport, Energy, Maritime Connectivity, People to People contacts and prospects for cooperation with other regional organisations, such as BBIN and BIMSTEC. The proceedings of the Conference are attached as follows.

Assessing India’s Connectivity with Its Neighbourhood | A Retrospect1.06 MB
Event Date 
August 3, 2018

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