Interaction with Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan from Vietnam
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Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan, Director General, Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Hanoi accompanied by Dr Vo Xuan Vinh, Institute for South East Asian Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences had an interaction with VIF faculty on 06 March 2014. Dr. Tuan spoke on the regional security situation in Asia-Pacific and how Vietnam was coping with the emerging strategic environment. He said that the challenges in the South China Sea have made Vietnam more resolute in defending its interests. Though the U.S. has announced its pivot to Asia strategy yet there were doubts among the ASEAN and other regional countries as to whether the Americans would unambiguously stick to its Asia-Pacific strategy when the push comes to a shove by China. He also spoke on Indo-Vietnam relations and the need to strengthen the same. There was also a need for India to impart more content and substance to its Look East Policy.

The VIF faculty appreciated the detailed presentation made by Dr Tuan and stressed the need for enhancing Indo-Vietnam defence and security cooperation besides economic cooperation. India supports the freedom of navigation through South China Sea and adherence to UNCLOS. Chinese assertive policies were not only visible in South and East China Seas but they have also been aggressive on the Sino-Indian border. Both Vietnam and India share many interests in the region and cooperation between the two would be conducive to peace and stability in the region.

Event Date 
March 6, 2014
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