CAATSA and S-400: The American Dilemma - An Analysis

After flashing in fury about an year back and eventually loosing much of its sheen and venom thereafter, the threat of CAATSA is alive, dangling yet again like the proverbial ‘Sword of Damocles’ over the fate of India’s purchase of S-400 syste....

S-400: Rupee-Ruble Matrix and Other Points of Caution

Speaking to a select group of journalists on 22 Feb 2019 at the Aero India Show in Bengaluru, the Deputy Director of the Russian Military-Technical Cooperation Mr Anatoly said " Dollar is no longer the universal currency for trade in defence"1

Making Sense of Missile Shield

The media picks up the tag line "India puts up a missile shield" every time there is news related, one way or the other, to the plan to acquire a surface-to-air-missile (SAM) system. The so called "missile shield" filled the media space when there wa....

Why S-400 Will Make Sense Despite (Un)Likelihood of US Sanctions

The open source is abuzz with the news that India and Russia are close to finalising the deal for the purchase of S-400 System despite the threat of US sanctions1. Making it a central issue during the visit of Defence Minister, Mrs ....

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