US-China relations
An Assessment of China’s 13th National People’s Congress – May 2020’

Interaction with the Heritage Foundation (Washington DC, USA)

The brainstorming session was devoted to Indo-US bilateral relations, developments in the South China Sea and Indo-Pacific, stabilising South Asia, and US-China relations. In bilateral domain, strengthening US-India defence cooperation, and issues of....

Overview of US-China Relations under the Trump Administration

... US-China relations are being shaped by the assertive policies of Xi Jinping ... and the Trump administration’s view that the large trade deficit and security challenges in East Asia require a more proactive policy towards China .... being the ....

Interaction with a visiting Delegation from Fudan University, China

A four-member delegation of Fudan University (China), led by Prof. Zhang Yi, Executive Vice Director, Fudan Development Institute (China), and comprising Prof. Sun Lijian, Prof. Shen Dingli, and Prof. Lin Minwang as members of the delegation, visited....

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