Climate Change
Neighborhood News Digest – 22 September 2023


US, Islamic Emirate Hold Talks on Narcotics in Doha – Tolo News
Karen Decker, the Chargé d'Affaires of the US Mission to Afghanistan, said on X that she met with the “Taliban delegation” in Doha and held te....

India’s Diplomatic Coup at G-20 Summit

India assumed the Presidency of the G-20 from Indonesia in Bali in 2022 from 1 December and retains the Presidency for the year 2023 till 30 November. India hosted the G-20 summit from 9 to 10 in the capital city of New Delhi....

Neighborhood News Digest – 01 September 2023

Contract Signed for 7 Mines Worth More Than $6.5 Billion: Ministry – Tolo News
The acting Minister of Petroleum and Mines Shahabuddin Delawar speaking to the press at a contract-signing ceremony for the extracti....

Kerry’s Visit to China, Climate Change and India’s Energy Transition

Climate change has resulted in the heat wave sweeping the northern hemisphere from the US, Europe, and China to South Korea. India witnessed heavy rains. The UN Secretary-General stated that “The era of global warming has ended; the era of globa....

India's Commitment towards Decarbonising the Planet: National Green Hydrogen Mission

India's economy is expanding rapidly, resulting in a tremendous demand for resources and energy. Palpably, India's energy consumption has doubled in the last two decades and is expected to rise by another 25% by 2030. India currently imports 40% of i....

Neighborhood News Digest – 7 August 2023


Amid humanitarian crisis, UN to cut aid to 21 million in Afghanistan – The Print
Amid a dire humanitarian crisis, the United Nations humanitarians on Friday warned of a severe aid funding gap for aid to more than 2....

Neighborhood News Digest – 4 August 2023

Pakistan, Afghanistan border dispute heats up creating security quagmire – The Print
Pakistan’s unfriendly approach towards its border areas with Afghanistan has resulted in a security quagmire for both countr....

Neighborhood News Digest – 28 July 2023

Acting Minister Muttaqi to Meet American Officials in Doha – Tolo News
The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted that a delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan M....

Recent trends in Environment and Climate Change: The Case of the High Seas Treaty and Mission Life

In this episode of the VIF Podcast, Mr. PK Khup Hangzo, Associate Fellow, VIF and Ms. Heena Samant, Research Associate, VIF discuss two key issues namely the recently adopted UN High Seas Treaty, the first global treaty aimed at protecting marine lif....

World Bank Reforms and Climate Change

There is a growing debate on the reform of multilateral development banks to provide ‘global public goods’. At the behest of G20, an independent review of the Capital Adequacy Framework of multilateral development banks w....

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