Neighborhood News Digest – 20 July 2023


In Afghanistan, Women Protest Ban On Beauty Parlours - NDTV
Security officials shot in the air and used firehoses Wednesday to disperse dozens of Afghan women protesting in Kabul against an order by Taliban authori....

NATO after the Vilnius Summit: An Indian Assessment

The NATO Summit held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, 11-12 July 2023, was momentous in many respects. It took place against the background of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine whose active phase of hostilities is now well past 500....

Neighborhood News Digest – 12 July 2023

Taliban halt Swedish activities in Afghanistan after Koran burning – Devdiscourse
The Taliban administration halted all activities by Sweden in Afghanistan on Tuesday in response to the burning of a Koran in Sto....

Neighborhood News Digest – 6 July 2023


SCO Member States Call For Inclusive Government In Afghanistan – NDTV
Expressing concern about the situation in Afghanistan, leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States (SCO) called for an esta....

Neighborhood News Digest – 13 April 2023

China Spells Out Its Position on Afghanistan – Tolo News
The embassy of China in Kabul shed light on 11 points that clarified the country’s position regarding Afghanistan. The point first, the embassy said in a st....

NATO Welcomes Finland as its 31st Member, Sweden to Follow Soon

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has assumed a new dimension as the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s main sore point, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), welcomed its new member Finland on 4 April 2023, upon depositing its instrument of acces....

The CSTO and Collective Security in Eurasia

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), a Russia-led Eurasian security bloc, has acquired considerable traction in recent years due to the rapidly changing regional security situation in the Eurasian region. The annua....

Tale of Panchatantra and The Wuhan Virus | A Poem

Getting the right perspective when Such pandemic starts to unfold, Of Elephant and the blind men Is tale that needs to be retold. How leaders felt the pachyderm In parts but could not see the whole, And let this deadly Chinese germ I....

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