China: Daily Scan, April 7, 2022

Former deputy head of State Administration of Grain indicted for graft: Xinhuanet
April 7, 2022
Xu Ming, former deputy head of the State Administration of Grain, has been indicted on charges of taking bribery and abuse of power,....

Mongolia’s Buddhist Diplomacy and India’s Union of Religious and Foreign Policy

The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), along with Indian, Japanese, and Mongolian partners, hosted its third Samvad (which, in Hindi, means “dialogue”) conference in Ulaanbaatar over last Friday and the weekend. As reported in BDG’s ne....

Interaction with the Ambassador Gonchig Ganbold

The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) hosted the Ambassador of Mongolia, Gonchig Ganbold on 26 June 2019. Dr Arvind Gupta delivered the welcome remarks. In his remarks, he emphasized the cultural and historical linkages between both sides. ....

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