The US-China Bout: Who’s on the Ropes
Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Rajesh Isser, AVSM,VM (G)

The world is witnessing momentous shifts in geopolitics, and in fact, in every facet of human life. The US-China zero-sum game for dominance may well define pathways nations take to bring prosperity to their people in the next decade. This paper attempts to track current issues of this ‘race’ especially after a change of presidency in the US. In particular, issues in the Indo-Pacific in terms of fast-changing policies of both powers are explored from the Indian perspective. A new rivalry encompassing trade restrictions, currency battles, technological race and denial, cyberwar, and hybrid wars that combine all these, has emerged with pulls and pushes affecting all nations. The end result is a series of questions that leads to a short narrative of a plausible conflict.

The US-China Bout: Who’s on the Ropes498.98 KB

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