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Indo-US Defence Trade: Moving to a Higher Trajectory

Contrary to most of the commentary that has appeared in the Indian media, the Obama-Manmohan Singh meeting at the White House on September 26, 2013 was unexpectedly successful in setting the Indo-US strategic partnership on the path to a higher traje

Indo-US Ties: Slow Yet Steady Transformation

The most important foreign policy development in the last decade has been the remarkable improvement in India’s relations with the United States. From mutual suspicion, lack of empathy and a policy of keeping the relationship at a low level to avoi

All Eyes on Singh-Obama Talks

All eyes will be on the meeting between Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and President Barack Obama this week and what it produces. This is natural as our relationship with the US is, in many ways, the most important external relationship we h

Biden’s India Visit – Points to Ponder

Vice President Joe Biden was in India for four days in July, visiting Delhi and Mumbai. The visit got less than the usual level of media exposure than high-level visits from the US normally attract. This was effectively the second visit at this level

Indo-US Relations: Time to Impart Momentum

The fourth India US strategic dialogue that was held in New Delhi in the last week of June was aimed at reviewing progress in bilateral relations and outlining the trajectory ahead. Given the nature of evolving Indo-US relationship, no major breakthr

US Cyber Surveillance and Indian Vulnerability - What India Needs to do

“There is no permanent friend and there is no permanent enemy” - Chanakaya
USA is not new to the controversies related to surveillance of its own citizens as well as its allies. Neither is Project PRISM a first such surveillan

As US goes Retrograde in Afghanistan Pakistan gets an Upgrade

Introduction Kicking-off the first phase of the US pull-out from Afghanistan, two convoys of 25 containers each crossed the Torkham and Chaman border check-posts in Pakistan on 10 Feb 2013. The containers, “part of the US redeployment of

Friendly Handshake

Looking ahead, what could President Barack Obama’s second term mean for relations between India and the United States of America? Will the relationship stay more or less at the level that it has already reached or will it see a surge in the years a

The Divided Oceans

The security challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, which American‘re-balancing’ towards Asia and Barack Obama’s tour of some Asian countries so early into his second presidency seek to address, are many and complex. Territorial disputes remain

Obama's visit to Myanmar: Implications for India

President Barack Obama’s visit to Myanmar last month was recognition of measures taken by the current regime towards opening up of Myanmar. The visit has largely been viewed as a part of the Asia Pacific ‘pivot’ announced by the US President i

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