International Relations/Diplomacy
‘Tagging’ the Major Powers: US National Security Strategy

The new National Security Strategy of the United States, the first of Biden's administration, outlined the government's intentions for dealing with China, Russia, and its consideration of India, as well as its perceptions towards these countries. It

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan takes the Island Nation to International Limelight

In the wake of escalating tensions between the US and China that started over trade issues and further complicated by the Covid-19, the Taiwan issue has emerged as a caucus belli for a possible conflagration, which if not controlled with deft diploma

A Case for the USA to Embrace Strategic Clarity in the Taiwan Strait

The American policy of Strategic Ambiguity towards the “Taiwan Question” profoundly impacts stability in the Taiwan Strait. The United States of America has been following this policy to foster the maintenance of the status

Responding to American Criticism of India’s Stance on Russia-Ukraine Conflict

If western governments are ready to accommodate India by balancing their longer term interest in keeping it within their “democratic” fold with their shorter term interest in drawing India into the circle of “democratic” states condemning Rus

Ukraine Crisis: Assessing the US Response and the Economic Implications

Russia's sudden military incursion into Ukraine has taken the world by storm with the developing situation having far-reaching economic and geopolitical implications. Join Amb. Arun K. Singh, Distinguished Fellow, VIF and Avantika Menon in this podca

Biden’s Executive Order on Afghan Funds

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021 prompted governments and international institutions to quickly freeze Afghan Central Bank assets abroad. Reportedly, about $7.1 bn of Afghan assets was held in the US.February 21, 2022 International Relations and Diplomacy, US, Article, Taliban, Humanitarian aid, Biden Administration, Executive order, frozen Afghan funds, 9/11 victim

America’s Diplomatic Boycott Policy for Beijing Olympics

No bigger international sport event than the Olympics escaped from the impact of the on-going pandemic when the global event scheduled to be held in Tokyo in 2020 was postponed for a year and finally held in 2021 amid plenty of protocols in place and

Developments in the US: A Review of 2021 and Emerging Trends Ahead

Amb. Arun K. Singh, Distinguished Fellow at the VIF, recaps and examines the key developments in the United States in 2021 while speculating on the trends to come for the year ahead and the implications of these events for India.

Views of Chinese Experts on Sino-US Relations

As China’s economic situation becomes more difficult and its aggressive policies increase tensions in its neighbourhood, the Chinese leadership is concerned at the turn that its relations with the US are taking. This has generated renewed discuss

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