Ultra Virus | A Poem
Amb Kanwal Sibal

The road to the exalted status of
Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi

In lanes behind Hotel Raffles
In Singapore it still baffles
Me how our dear friend Hu Noh Lai
Knew I would be passing by.

He softly whispered in my ear
That I would surely want to hear
From him all the latest details
Of what Xi Jinping’s plan entails

For Xina and for all of us,
And so we took a local bus,
And over drinks in a cafe
In nutshell this he had to say:

How he got the document

To avoid any suspicion
Route of document transmission
This time with great care was devised
So that no one got compromised.

With plenty of cut-offs so that
A rat would not expose the cat.
This time daughter of Hu Nu Wen
Gave it to cousin Si Ling Pen

Who then gave it He No Si
Who was uncle of No Rhong Ji,
An aunt by marriage she then got
From Hu Lo Lai who to the lot

Added his bit, and in the dark,
Under a bush in No Guo park,
Slipped into coat of Hi Won Won
A school friend of Hu Noh Lai’s son.

Hu Lo Lai it would seem was sent
From Propaganda Department
Of Xi Pi Xi to keep an eye
That none should be able to pry

Into the secret plans to build
A novel faith that would be filled
With God-worship of Xi Jinping,
Which was in Hu Lo Lai’s thinking

A blasphemy he couldn’t accept,
So when he got the intercept
He took full advantage of it
To more information transmit.

It got channeled to Hu No Lai
Who felt it was meant for my eye.
So he met me in Singapore
To settle what was an old score.

I was tired to all this hear,
We had finished two pints of beer,
To get him to the point I said
Now with your story go ahead.

The content of the document

The Batican will have two wings
In each will be a big Xi-vling
To match the obelisk in size
That in Place de la Concorde lies.

This our Comrade Xi revealed,
To gathered Youth Xi-vir appealed
That they must all to the last man
Proselytize for the Batican.

In a total relaXing mood
He said it must be understood
That in ConfuXian hierarchy
At top is a MahariXi.

Standing Committee members will
Posts of seven MahariXis fill
Rest eighteen of Politburo
Will by name of RiXis go.

Head of Cathay ConfuXian
Holding all top posts that one can
Will in exalted status be
Classed as Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi-ri Xi.

Xi explains why China has risen

Xi then went on to explain
What were the reasons in the main
Why Xina had risen so fast
And why its rising curve would last.

ArtifiXial Intelligence
Xina will lead in every sense,
So all Xaivites will cyborgs be
And thinking independently

Will not be allowed, having got
Programmed with data from Xi’s Thought.
Already being the world’s workXhop
Xina’s expanXion will not Xtop.

Xi Jinping’s ant analogy
Described the Xinese perfectly
In that they are so highly skilled
Gargantuan mounds to quickly build.

The contents of the document continue

If all are Party animals-
Xi didn’t mean Baijiu-drinking crowd-
If over what he said one mulls,
They are with brute instincts endowed.

If people follow the Party,
In kind of circularity
The Party follows every one,
For which total surveillance’s done.

Facial recognition is key
To make sure there’s no privacy,
Dissidents would deeply regret
When Xocial credits they don’t get.

MahariXi’s plans- ConXilience

Xi then gave his Xi-shyas a lens
Into what is ConXilience,
Which is to everything receive
And, in turn, everyone deceive.

It’s to con with Xi-ntelligence
And great deal of strategic sense,
By building Xina West thought ‘twill
Be like them, a run of the mill

Democracy, not knowing that
Under its Socialistic hat
With Xinese characteristics
And all those ConfuXian mystics,

Its membership of WTO
And MFN would make it grow
Into an economic force
That would become the biggest source

Of world disorder which for Xi
Would be great opportunity
To make Xinese Governance an
Option that poorer countries can

Take as their model for their rise.
This way West would be cut to size,
This prodigious success would be
That of ConXilience policy.

Which purges all who are lazy
Or whose ideology’s hazy,
All those who don’t have urge to tap
Jack Ma’s XueXi Qiangguo App.

Xi’s Ultra plans

To strengthen the powerful nation
’Twas the Wuhan Lab’s vocation
Inspired by Batican’s role
To make a virus as its goal.

In Hubei it was tested first
To see what it could do at worst,
Seeing the results, Xi gave the nod
To let the virus spread abroad

As weapon in Xina’s tool-kit,
Knowing Beijing could control it,
Xi was sure that as weeks elapse
West’s economy would collapse.

Xi said the world we’ll dominate,
There would be left only one Xtate,
Others will become in legions
Xina’s autonomous regions.

This boost Xina needed to give
To Belt and Road Initiative
The Batican gave Xina that plus
By gifting it Ultra Virus!

Image Source: https://runsignup.com/Race/GA/Anywhere/UltraVirus12Hour

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