National Security Vol. IV Issue II | April - June 2021
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As the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden begins to formulate and implement his foreign, security, economic and domestic policies, there is intense interest across the world as to how they will impact the international order and key relationships – with China, India, Russia, Japan and the European Union. This special issue of National Security explores the dynamic changes underway in America’s vital relationship with India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Joe Biden. The issue stands out for the incisive contributions by some of India’s most knowledgeable foreign policy and defence experts -- most of whom have actively shaped foreign policy decision making at the highest levels over the past few decades.

Arvind Gupta, Director VIF and former Deputy National Security Advisor, analyses the core elements of Biden’s Foreign Policy as they impact India-- his stated liberal agenda, the negative outlook towards Russia, and the vital task of dealing with the multiple challenges posed by a rising, nationalist and expansionist China, amidst America’s significant domestic problems. Former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal critically examines the many opportunities and significant challenges that exist in Indo-US relationship in the shadow of an assertive and aggressive China, while US analyst Walter Lohman draws attention to the human rights and Russian factor as ‘wrinkles’ in the evolving relationship. India’s former Ambassador to the US, Arun K. Singh explores a gamut of issues such as Indo-Pacific and the Quad, climate, economic ties, etc., which are of concern to both India and the US and need to be addressed.

S. Guruprasad, former Director General of DRDO and co-Chair of the Indo-US Joint Technology Group, and Anil Ahuja, former co-Chair of the Indo-US Inter-Agency Task Force on Defence Technology and Trade Initiative, underline the significance of the accelerated and re-energised collaboration between India and America in defence with immense pragmatism. Academic expert K.P. Vijayalakshmi focuses on the factors that are driving the consolidation of an Indo-Pacific Axis under Biden. Finally, analysts Arjun Kang Joseph and Rudra Chaudhuri outline the need for a digital partnership between both countries.

They all make strong contributions to both the policy and academic debates on one of India’s principal foreign relationships – the ties with the United States.

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Contents: Vol. IV Issue II | April –June 2021

Editor's Note | The Significance of India-US Partnership


The Contours of Biden’s Foreign-Policy | Arvind Gupta

Re-energising Indo-US Defence Technology Cooperation | S. Guruprasad

The Wrinkle in US-India Strategic Alignment | Walter Lohman

India and the Biden Administration | Kanwal Sibal


An Agenda For India-US Relations in a Biden Presidency | Arun K. Singh

Prospects of India-US Defence Cooperation | Anil Ahuja

Biden Administration and the Indo-Pacific Axis | K.P. Vijayalakshmi

The United States And India: A Digital Partnership in Need of a Strategy | Arjun Kang Joseph & Rudra Chaudhuri

Book Review

Combating China's Political Warfare: An American Analysis | Satish Chandra

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