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International Security: Review of 2020 & Projections for 2021
The year 2020 shall be recorded as an unprecedented year in the modern history of humankind. The outbreak of China-origin Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has eclipsed the events in global security. On one side, the spread of coronavirus enforced nation-wide lockdown and gave a jolt to the economic and political activities in many countries. On the other side, the year also continued to witness terrorist incidents, linked directly or indirectly to several events worldwide.
India and the BIMSTEC FTA Proposal: Need for a Rethink
Over the last two decades, the world economy has undergone a sea change. From technology to politics; very few things remain the same. But, BIMSTEC Free Trade Agreement (FTA) continues to be where it was. Mooted in 1998, it is still under discussion. After at least 20 rounds of trade negotiation, there is barely any progress on key issues like pruning of sensitive list and para-tariffs; which once invited the failure of the South Asian free trade agreement (SAFTA). The experience is important as five out of seven BIMSTEC members are from South Asia.
Pakistan: The Relentless Killings of the Hazaras1
The cold-blooded killing of 11 Shia Hazara miners in Geshtari area of Machh, Balochistan on 03 January 2021 by the Islamic State (IS) refocused attention on the brutal persecution of minorities in Pakistan in recent decades.
All Eyes on the Horn of Africa and its Balancing Act
The 38th Summit of the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) held in late December 2020, has been a focus of attention. This is unusual for the organisation. The IGAD is headquartered in Djibouti and was formed in 1986. The IGAD was revitalized by its leaders in 1996. It originally had 6 members viz Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Sudan and Kenya. Eritrea joined when it seceded from Ethiopia in 1993 but withdrew in 2007 to rejoin in 2011, though it abstains from IGAD meetings. South Sudan joined after its separation in 2011.
वेनेज़ुएला के संसदीय चुनाव: तिकड़मबाज़ी की जीत के बाद क्या?
पिछले 5 दिसंबर को हुए वेनेज़ुएला की नेशनल असेंबली के चुनावों ने एक बार फिर से यह दिखा दिया कि किसी तानाशाह के लिए सत्ता में बने रहना कितना आवश्यक हो जाता है और वह इसके लिए किस हद तक चालें चल सकता है। वर्तमान राष्ट्रपति निकलस मादुरो अपनी सत्ता को केवल येन केन प्रकारेण बचाने में ही नहीं अपितु देश पर अपनी पकड़ और मज़बूत करने के प्रयास में अपने पूर्ववर्ती राष्ट्रपति और राजनीतिक गुरु दिवंगत ह्यूगो चावेज़ से भी आगे निकल गए हैं। यह चुनाव प्रमुख विपक्षी राजनीतिक दलों द्वारा अमान्य कर दिया गया जिन्होंने वहां के सर्वोच्च न्यायालय (टीएसजे) द्वारा अवैध रूप से राष्ट्रीय चुनाव परिषद गठित किए जाने के विरोध में
Combating COVID-19: Challenges before Suga
As the cases of coronavirus surge in Japan, particularly in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga declared a state of emergency for a month as a robust measure to fight the virus infections.
Trends in Central Asia in 2020
The past 2020 is marked by Central Asia’s struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent socio-economic impacts. The pandemic turned out to be a litmus test for the already troubled economies of Central Asia. The year was also marked by significant integration activities and domestic political developments in these five post-Soviet republics.
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Global Developments And Analysis: Weekly Monitor
January 12, 2021
Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor, 04 January - 10 January 2021

Economic China’s New Rules Amp up Pressure on U.S. Businesses Beijing hit back against recent U.S. restrictions targeting...

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China Daily Digest
January 15, 2021
China: Daily Scan, January 15, 2021

China Focus: China's foreign trade defies virus odds, ends 2020 on record highs: Xinhuanet January 15, 2021 China's total...

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Neighbourhood News
December 14, 2020
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: December 14, 2020

PAKISTAN PM blames PDM for endangering lives as PTI exults at ‘flop show’: DAWN Soon after the Pakistan Democratic Movement...

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International Development
December 28, 2020
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, Europe and Russia), 1-15 December 2020

I. United States Politics and Society U.S. Tightens Visa Rules for Chinese Communist Party Members, 3 December 2020 The...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
January 6, 2021
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 15-31 December 2020

DEFENCE Aero India events. Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (Ions) working group meeting on humanitarian assistance and...

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Myanmar Round Up
January 14, 2021
Myanmar Round Up : December 2020

The election controversies continued to prevail in December 2020. Over 240 complaints were filed with the Union Election...

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West Asia Round Up
January 15, 2021
West Asia Review: December 2020

Abstract: As the Iranian regime retained the strategic patience avoiding escalation beyond the threshold over the calls...

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